Healthy Indoor Air: Seven Steps

Healthier indoor air
By | December 16, 2023
5 min read

Is there enough clean air in your house?

Even if all surfaces are dazzlingly shining, there is always something hiding from you. It’s here, right in the air. You may not feel anything special while breathing, but we assure you that the air inside your house can be even cleaner, pleasant, and healthier. You can do almost all this by yourself! Just a few mundane actions and additional methods will help you improve the air quality at home.

Regular room airing

In this case, the only thing you need is to keep your windows open for 10-20 minutes. Also, for more efficiency, we recommend turning exhaust fans once a week. But at the same time, we want to warn you that if you have an allergy, it is worth abstaining from aeration, especially in spring. The important notice — always aerate the house before going to bed. Fresh air is positively affecting your sleep.

Taking off the shoes inside the house

We bring a lot of dirt to the house built upon our shoes, so if you put it off when coming back from work or somewhere else, you have already made the indoor air cleaner. Such a simple habit makes every householder healthier and happier, respectively. Pollutants wouldn’t circulate inside the house when you follow the rule — no shoes indoors!

Usage of non toxic products for cleaning

Manufacturers of detergents try not to use a lot of chemicals in their products, but they can’t completely exclude those substances. To reduce the impact of chemicals, choose the most harmless detergents for cleaning. It will not be a problem considering how many variants you can find in the supermarkets.


Several plants throughout the house will be your permanent air providers. Take care of them, and they will please you with fresh air. How many of them do you need to install in your dwelling? It’s about 15-18 plants if we are talking about the home of 1800 square footage. But do not overdo it — too many plants are not so healthy for human breath. Besides, who wants to transform their apartment into the jungle?

The changing of the AC air filters

It is recommended to change air conditioner filters in different frequencies, depending on the next factors:

Every 30 days — if you or someone of the householders have an allergy
Every 60 days — for those who have pets
Every 90 days — if you regularly clean the air ducts

Calling the proven company of duct cleaners

Trust your HVAC system only to qualified technicians with professional equipment and an impeccable reputation. By the way, we have these! In addition to full clean of air ducts, dryer vents and chimneys we give our clients free consultation and advice about air cleaning in general. Also, we show you the photos before and after work for visual comparison.

Installation of UV lights inside the HVAC system

No, it’s not for the sake of creating a 1980s atmosphere. It’s for the permanent air disinfection in your house. Unique ultraviolet lamps are installed next to the cooling coils. They won’t disturb you with the light or noise; lamps consume a tiny bit of energy, so using them won’t harm your budget at all.


This is your lucky 7 for breathing inside the house pleasantly and healthy at the same time. We hope you will use at least a few of those methods and feel positive changes!

The founder, CEO, and author of articles for the Green Ductors blog. Dedicated to his work, Dmytro strives to make people more aware of the importance of maintaining the best possible air quality. By treating readers like friends, he communicates even the most complex information in an easy-to-understand way to make your reading experience not only useful but also enjoyable. Check out the articles written by the hand of our founder Dmytro.

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