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Do the tenants complain about the lack of pressure in the bathroom exhausts when the rooftop fans are operational and powerful?

Are you concerned about being able to meet the deadlines when coordination with several groups of participants of the project is difficult?


Does your provider request the building riser diagram when it is missing?

Silent Danger:

The Unseen Threat in Your Ventilation

Case Study: Odor Elimination Through Ventilation Cleaning & Improvement in a Residential Building in Brooklyn

The president of Bedford Prestige Management, approached us with an urgent request for dryer vent cleaning. However, tenants were also complaining about persistent and unpleasant odors emanating from the bathroom vents. A preliminary investigation revealed a critical issue: the building's ventilation system, which consisted of numerous areas and components that had not been cleaned for years. The building, a 7-story structure, housed 24 exhaust shafts, 162 exhaust branches, 46 kitchen fans, a Hallway HVAC System Shaft with 7 return grilles (one on each floor including the basement), 6 supply grilles (also one per floor, including the basement), and a Trash Room Shaft.



The primary challenge was the extensive contamination in the ventilation system, which had accumulated over decades. This posed health risks and decreased the quality of life for the building's residents. The odor complaints from the bathroom vents were just the tip of the iceberg, indicating a broader issue affecting the entire ventilation system. Plus, the initial concern–the clogged dryer vents, presented a significant fire hazard.


Our 19-day comprehensive odor removal and building maintenance operation reflected our commitment to occupant health and safety. This effort highlighted the importance of regular, meticulous maintenance for a safe living environment. The property management, especially the President, demonstrated a proactive stance on resident concerns and health issues.
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    Why to work with Green Ductors

    Here’s how our tailored solution can assist property management companies in optimizing their building's ventilation systems:

    Collaborative Planning

    We understand that every property has its unique ventilation challenges. Our first step is to collaborate closely with property management teams to assess the current ventilation setup, identify potential issues, and devise a comprehensive plan tailored to the specific needs of the building and its occupants. Studying the blueprints, meetings with superintendents, camera inspections of the ductwork, including risers of multistoried buildings will help define the scope of work accurately.


    Coordination with Stakeholders

    Effective communication and coordination are vital when addressing ventilation issues in residential buildings. We liaise with property management teams and tenants to ensure minimal disruption during maintenance activities while addressing concerns and scheduling works at convenient times for all parties involved.


    Targeted Issue Resolution

    Our approach targets the precise ventilation issues defined by property management and tenants. Whether it is addressing poor air pressure in kitchen and bathroom exhausts, eliminating lint buildup in dryer vent shafts, or tackling unpleasant odors emanating from the ventilation system, we have the expertise to resolve these issues efficiently. Loss of energy and weak airflow in the system while the rooftop fans work hard? Perhaps, it is time for the building ventilation ductwork to undergo the aeroseal service in order to eliminate the significant air leakages.


    Compliance with Codes and Standards

    We ensure that all ventilation works comply with relevant building codes and standards. From rectifying violations such as improper vent configurations to addressing hard blockages in ductwork resulting from construction debris, our solutions align with regulatory requirements to guarantee safety and legality.


    Project Management and Supervision

    Our dedicated team of experts oversees every aspect of the ventilation optimization project in collaboration with property management teams. From initial assessment to implementation and follow-up, we provide comprehensive project management and supervision to ensure smooth execution and superior results.


    Detailed Documentation

    Transparency is key to building trust and accountability. We provide detailed reports, accompanied by photographs and videos, documenting the entire process from start to finish. These reports not only serve as a record of the work done but also provide property management boards with valuable insights into the quality of service delivered.

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