Does Duct Cleaning Improve Air Quality and Being

Improving Air Quality by Cleaning Ducts
By | December 19, 2023
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Indoor air pollution threats

How much do you care for your health and the health of all the householders? Of course, it’s a primary thing for you. Therefore, you always try to improve living conditions to make your closest ones feel more comfortable. So, considering all of this, you may ask the question: is air duct cleaning worth it? If you don’t know how vital the procedure is, you probably won’t pay enough attention to it. That’s why we should highlight this topic and expanse your knowledge about dangers hiding in the HVAC system if it is contaminated.

Don’t you inhale it!

Dust accumulation, mold spores, microscopic trash particles, insects and their parts — sounds inspiring. This entire package is right there — inside the ventilation system of your house. Do you remember when the ventilation was last cleaned and if you ever did it at all? Do you want to take a deep breath now? It’s unlikely. We understand that, but keep calm — we don’t try to scare you or something like that. We want to draw your attention to the possible reason for several inconveniences, which may overshadow your everyday life.

We are talking about:

  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Unpleasant indoor smell
  • Incorrect work of HVAC system
  • High bills for electricity
  • Permanent dust layers on the surfaces

Those are the main answer to your question: ” is duct cleaning necessary ?” and we highly recommend you to hurry up once some of them are noticed.

How often is it recommended to clean the ventilation?

For keeping the ventilation in good condition the cleaning should be done at least once a year. Is there somebody who does it as regularly as recommended out there? Maybe you clean your air duct more often, and in this case, you are an exception. But the statistic shows that such exceptions are very rare in New York City and New Jersey. As you have already guessed, the situation with HVAC systems in most cases is far from satisfactory. Considering all of this we answered the question ” is air duct cleaning necessary ?” for those who care about their health.

It should be noted that in the industrial districts the necessity of air duct cleaning is significantly higher. It does not mean that you need to call technicians every month, of course, but the importance of cleaning procedure nevertheless acquires special value.

It must be a difficult process?

Don’t mislead yourself — air duct cleaning is not a construction of the spaceship. By using special brunches, cameras for diagnostic, pumps, and other stuff, specialists will clean and disinfect the main ventilation parts. The entire procedure will take about 30 minutes from the moment when our technicians arrive.

Also, don’t worry about the wall and ceiling integrity — it’s not be damaged while our professional duct cleaners will work. All metal grids and other removable parts are back in their places by the end of the procedure. No damage — you can be sure about that.

Air duct cleaning doesn’t suck your money out

When you doubt whether to clean the HVAC system or not, you may probably think that it costs a lot. Hurry to calm you down — it’s not. The price depends on the difficulty of work and additional services which you can order. It includes:

  • Set up of the UV lights inside the duct for higher disinfection of the air
  • Changing the filters
  • Dryer vent and chimney cleaning

We have a special offer for you — you can save 100$ with our Premium Air if you fill in the application right now! Air fresh and excess cash — what can be more profitable? You know how to contact us, so don’t delay an excellent opportunity to breathe with pleasure at home and take care of your health. If you are new to us, then visit our main page to find the information about costs and the application form.

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