Benefits of Dryer Vent Cleaning

Reduces asthma
Improves system performance
Eliminates musty odors
Increases the HVAC lifespan
Stops stale air re-circulating
Prevents mold growth

Reasons to clean the dryer vent

Blocked dryer vent creates a fire hazard

Excess lint caught in the vent system is highly combustible and reduces airflow, vents expel hot air and lint out during laundry drying raising the potential for a fire.

Clogged dryer equals higher energy costs

Apart from safety reasons, dryer vent cleaning in Edison helps to reduce energy costs. Blocked with lint dryer starts to perform poorly, which results in operating costs and increased repair bills.

As you know, on January 20, 2020 the FDNY had to respond to a 5-alarm fire in a row of town homes in Prince’s Bay.
The FDNY has determined that the cause of the blaze was due to a dryer vent that was not properly maintained.

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