UV Lights for HVAC System

UVC light for HVAC
By | December 5, 2023
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Air recycling in the house means that you repeatedly breathe identical particles, which move from room to room every day. Without a common indoor space, the skin cells and other microscopic trash enter your lungs. Over time you or the members of your household may feel the consequences of that in the form of allergy or asthma. You can improve the quality of air at home in several ways. One of them is the use of UV lights for HVAC units.

What? The lamps in ventilation?

That’s right, ultraviolet air cleaning implies the installation of unique lamps inside the air ducts. As a result, you have a 24/7 sanitizing of ventilation and more clean air indoors, respectively. Why the UV light? Since the beginning of the 20th century, it has been proved that ultraviolet is helpful to prevent tuberculosis. Thankfully to the work of Faroese scientist Niels Finsen, UV light began to apply for sterilizing premises of food establishments and hospitals. Also, ultraviolet lights have been widely used for water sterilizing. So why not use it for air cleaning too?

Safety and other advantages

Some people think that commercial HVAC UV lights can lead to a fire, but there were no such precedents. So you can sleep peacefully, not fearing that there will be a fire in the house or the office. Furthermore, there are additional HVAC UV light benefits:

  • Lamps are located on safe distance away from children and pets
  • It doesn’t interfere you by light — lamps are directed inside the air duct
  • No damage — lamps are fixed on magnets, so y don’t need to drill any holes
  • Low energy consumption — less than additional $25 per year to your regular house bill

Types of UV lamps for HVAC system

The range of ultraviolet lamps is not so wide — there are only 2 types of them, and it’s the best HVAC UV light: for sterilization of the handler coil and for return air duct. The first type is most common, so we recommend paying attention to the lamps exactly for the coil. By the way, we’re installing ultraviolet lights into the air ducts, so you know whom to contact.

Prices may vary depending on manufacturer models and characteristics, but we are always ready to give you a piece of advice about choosing an optimal option.

Mold spores, you shall not come!

The main feature of UV is that it kills all the hostile bacteria in the air. You can be calm with unique lights in your HVAC system, as the mold will not disturb you. While these lamps are active, mold spores don’t have the time and favorable conditions to form. That is especially important if you or someone in your family has an allergy. It again confirms that the HVAC system becomes safer for your health with UV lights.

Before the installation, we advise checking the air duct generally. It might be that the HVAC system is seriously contaminated, so you need to clean it first, and you already know who can do this — your friendly neighborhood Green Ductors!

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