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How often to clean furnace tips experts
By | December 19, 2023
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Let’s see what’s the point of the furnace duct cleaning and why it’s even necessary. According to Environmental Protection Agency, ducts should clean it once you notice insects or rodents coming from the vents, when you see the mold growing in there, or if the supply vents are blowing a lot of dust. All these signs signalize the extreme necessity of furnace air duct cleaning. We think that you shouldn’t wait for their appearance because it’s a neglected example. The regular inspection of ducts will be much better and safer for your health and will ensure the average working capacity of the entire HVAC system.

Features of regular checking and cleaning the furnace duct

The first one is the air filter changing in your HVAC system in time. If the filter has already served its term, you may not feel the difference even if the air duct is perfectly cleaned. But with a new filter, you will be able to breathe indoors in a new way — easily, pleasantly, and healthily. So don’t forget about the filter changing after the cleaning of ventilation. You can leave the initial filter only if it’s in good condition.

One of the main features is a calling for a good contractor for the cleaning procedure. Once you contact the professional service, you don’t have to worry about the result. You can be incredibly calm if you use the help of the Green Ductors technicians. We are not doctors but thoroughly care about your health by unique methods.

There are also other features like:

Heat efficiency and air conditioning improvement
Indoor surfaces become much cleaner
Fresher air in every room

What kind of services does furnace duct cleaning include?

If professional technicians carry out this procedure, you may catch yourself thinking that it is a complicated process. Well, it’s not as easy as it may seem at first — to ensure quality and air duct cleaning in the right way, a technician must use special equipment. We have such equipment, and these are the most advanced devices in our field of activity.

The furnace duct cleaning services include dust removal, an inspection of the furnace system, and free consultation for customers about the features and necessity of the procedure. We help our clients choose an air filter for the furnace, change vent filters and give them advice on the best places and brands. Our primary goal is high-quality service and care of you. We also do photos of your air duct “before and after” cleaning for clarity.

Can you do it yourself?

As we have already said, the duct cleaning procedure includes operations, which require special equipment used by professionals. You won’t get results good enough just by yourself, in an improvised way. We don’t want to downplay your abilities by any means, but to prevent the actions that can harm the parts of the HVAC system and your health.

In addition, it’s pretty simple — to submit an application on our site or to use your phone and call us. You can find all the information about the costs and features of our work there. We provide different services and work with air ducts, dryer vents, and chimneys — every essential element of the HVAC system is in our competence.

Air Cleaning Company operating in Staten Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn and New Jersey

Green Ductors work in different districts of New York City: Staten Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and New Jersey. If you live somewhere in this area, you may be calm about the condition of your ventilation system. After you contact us, our technicians will arrive in 20-30 minutes at the specified address. Now you know about the importance of furnace air duct cleaning and features of our work, so it only remains to decide — to clean or not to clean? We are sure you’ll give the correct answer and meet with us soon. What? There is no dust in your air ducts? It can only mean one thing — you have already become our client!

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