Can Dust Cause Asthma?

Does dust cause asthma
By | December 19, 2023
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Dust makes asthma and allergies worse

New York City is one out of the hundred most inconvenient cities for people living with asthma. Twenty million people exhaling and crazy traffic will be a real test for respiratory tract diseases. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), in 2015, the number of people with asthma in the entire state of New York reached 1 532 508 people. In New York in the same year, the average number of asthmatics ranged from 11% to 13%. In New Jersey, the situation is slightly better, but also far from impressive – 7.2%.

You may ask: can dust cause asthma, or are there more serious reasons for the occurrence of disease? Well, it’s all depends on many factors. If you already have asthma, dust in the house obviously will make your life harder.

The contents of the ventilation literally suffocates you

Have you thought about dust-induced asthma? If you rarely ventilate the room and clean the air ducts less than once every three years, they accumulate:

Dust and small debris – various particles can enter the system both from the inside and outside (hello, so-called dust asthma)
Waste: birds and insects

Stale air and high humidity are ideal conditions for bacteria to grow. For people with bronchial asthma, this air quality is detrimental because it aggravates the disease. Dust and asthma are a bad romance.

The development of allergies

Someone mistakenly believes that allergy and asthma always accompany each other, but this is a common misconception. With dust, allergy asthma hasn’t direct communication. Moreover, if asthma wasn’t manifested in your childhood, it can still be manifested in adulthood. The allergy in this case develops because of polluted air in the room. And the allergic reaction in such conditions may occur not only with asthmatics but also with healthy people. As a result – everyone is at risk.

How do I clean the ventilation ducts?

Cleaning ventilation ducts and chimneys is a complex process. You will need cleaning equipment and knowledge of the steps. Specialists conduct an inspection to determine the level of contamination of the air ducts.

Do not try to clean the air ducts yourself, especially if you have asthma or allergies. Firstly, in this way, you will only harm yourself, and secondly, even 50% of the contaminated area will not be cleaned with this cleaning method.

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