Top methods of dust cleaning after building works
Here is what you definitely forgot about after the apartment renovation
It's finally happened! You've done it — renovation, that has been planned and executed for so long is finally completed. Your dwelling is renewed and ready to accept its happy owners.
Well, in some way. Even if you cleaned everything until it shines, there is still one more thing you probably forgot to pay attention to – cleaning dust after building work from air duct. Why it's so important? Because your joy over all new apartment renovation may not last that long without this procedure. In any case, the worst is behind you, the final touch is the only thing left to make your renovation complete and you better not shelve it until a later time.
The indoor reminder of the renovation
Once the renovation work is over, it seems that you can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Then why it feels so uncomfortable? The thing is that the renovation consequences in the form of dirt are still present in your house. Well, they are not visible, but still being felt after several days. At first you will try to maintain your house perfectly clean, so it could always look fresh once the renovation is done. Then you will start to notice that cleaning became more frequent than usual, as dust began to accumulate surprisingly quickly. And I'll tell you why it's happening – the dust is coming right from your ventilation.
Never-ending cleaning and other unpleasant "bonuses"
A necessity for never-ending cleaning isn't the only reason why you should take care of your air duct. Along with the dust you may also encounter the following negative consequences: it's hard to breathe indoor air constant smell of building materials you or other inhabitants have signs of allergy. Ignoring this won't work out, so it's better to take measures right away – to clean your air ducts.During the renovation work, a significant amount of dust settles inside the ventilation system. It becomes even dustier over time, because different particles and small debris get into the ventilation from the outside. And how to clean dust after building work considering all of this?

Professional air duct cleaning with Green Ductors
So, we determined that it's needed to clean out your ventilation system after the renovation is finished. Is it possible to do by yourself? Well, you will clean like 10 percent of it at most and it won't give you the result you wish for. For complete cleaning of air ducts, intervention of technicians with the necessary equipment is required — it's the best way to clean up dust after building work. But where do you find them in New Jersey? We are already here! Green Ductors service is engaged not only in professional cleaning of ventilation systems and chimneys – we give real joy after the renovation!

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