How Green Ductors protects techs and clients

We constantly monitor the situation and follow the experience of other countries fighting with COVID-2019. Based on that information and guidelines on how to prevent СOVID-2019, we follow safety-related measures.
Technicians measure temperature
We measure the temperature of technicians 3 times a day - which is a daily maximum of service visits per technician. None of them have been experiencing any flu or flu alike symptoms in the past 2 weeks. And none of their families and friends was feeling sick either.
As a company we feel responsible for our members and our clients, so we actively check the temperature level before each appointment.
We use personal protective equipment
After each client, technicians change masks and disinfect hands. Disposable gloves and shoe covers for each appointment is in the van. For your peace of mind, our technician will wear a face mask
We use disinfectant wipes for cleaning the equipment and indoor surfaces
Wiping surfaces allows us to target specific areas to ensure targeted germ killing. Fogging helps to sanitize and disinfect hard-to-reach areas otherwise missed.

We disinfect equipment and change filters after each service visit
We change filters in our equipment after the appointment
We regularly change HEPA cartridge filters in negative air machines after each appointment. These filters catch and keep most of the bacteria, viruses and germs, preventing the further spread
Learn more about filter types
From now on Green Ductors accept online payments
Government encourages people to avoid using cash to stop virus transmission as viruses can survive on hard surfaces like coins for 3 days. U.S dollars, a blend of fabric and paper, are harder for viruses to stick to. Still, the WHO recommends not to take chances:

"We know that money changes hands frequently and can pick up all sorts of bacteria and viruses and things like that" WHO representative told The Telegraph
We use the digital version of the contract
The client does not have to contact the technician
Unlike other companies, we protect our technicians and take care of your health
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