AC Cleaning Benefits

Reduces asthma and allergy triggers Improves system performance Increases the HVAC lifespan
Stops stale air re-circulating Eliminates musty odors Prevents mold growth

Advantages of working with us

6 Month Warranty

For the new clients

Email Report

Detailed report with photos

8 am to 8 pm daily

Support 8 am to 8 pm


We are NADCA, BPI and Chimney Professionals certified


We follow air pollution research updates and study market solutions


General Liability up to $2M worker's compensation

EPA Standarts

Our equipment and disinfectants are EPA compliant

ERV System

Complex air purification solutions.
PTAC before and after repair
Maintenance PTAC near your home
Case study PTAC repair in Manhattan
AC repair Maintenance in Manhattan

Additional action before we slide the unit back to the sleeve and restore the power

Over time the unit base pan can become clogged with debris residue buildups, which prevents the pan from draining the condensate properly. We use gel tabs to eliminate the condensate and odor from the pan. Condensate Drain Pan Treatment

After the coils are cleaned and dry we:

  1. Reconnect the wall thermostat terminal connector
  2. Reinstall the front panel
  3. Restore power to the unit

Where is the nearest office?

Green Ductors operates in Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island boroughs and North and Central Jersey. Call to get more info at +18883341612

Why clients choose us Green Ductors?

We have been cleaning air ducts, changing filters, and installing energy recovery ventilation systems in commercial units since 2015. The company’s technicians are NADCA, BPI, and Energy Star certified.

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    Industry-Leading AC Repair Manhattan Near You

    AC units standard for the Manhattan area are called PTACs. We currently provide maintenance of the PTAC units only, not of the window AC units.

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