What to do if you have mold in Air Vents

Have you ever had nose stuffiness, throat irritation, wheezing or irritated eyes while staying indoors? Such symptoms can be caused by seasonal allergies. But what if the problem is hiding inside your home, in places where you can't see it – in your air vents.

Let's learn more about a dangerous enemy which may live in your house or flat: black mold. Black mold (Stachybotrys chartarum) can be easily identified by its color: dark greenish black or gray. Black mold often releases spores and grows off moisture. The spores can cause health problems and different symptoms when inhaled by humans.

Black mold in air vents

Black mold in air vents
We often notice mold on walls, floors, furniture and ceilings. It is rather easier to wipe off the mold in such places, but when you notice the mentioned below signs indicating the formation of black mold you should take actions which help to make your family healthier and determine the problem.

  • Healthy symptoms
Such as irritated eyes, headaches, difficulty breathing, chronic coughing and sneezing, irritation to mucus membranes of the throat and nose, impaired concentration.

Four steps to remove mold

Step 1
Contact a professional to make the inspection and confirm the substance is black mold.
Step 2
Check the insulation. If the black mold has spread to the insulation, it must be replaced.
Step 3
Clean and disinfect the ductwork using special tools and approved professional killing agents.
Step 4
To find out what caused the growth. Otherwise, the black mold can continue to reappear even after removal.
  • Musty odors
Signs of black mold in air vents

When you run AC, you may notice unpleasant smell.

  • Black dust around air vents
The black dust which is patchy and not so easy to wipe off can be a sign of black mold growing inside your air vents.

Mold formation can indicate problems with air conditioning system.

How to remove mold

The process can be a real challenge. The cleaning must be done correctly, carefully and thoroughly otherwise black bold can grow again and spread around the house.

That's why we advise to look for a professional to remove the bold in an effective and safe way.
As the process is complex, toxic and time-consuming, it is advisable to look for a professional who can help you to get rid of this problem, who could consult you and give the answers to any questions. Experienced technicians from Greenductors have all the necessary tools and high-quality killing agents to clean your air vents. A professional is able to find out and fix the source of mold formation, preventing reappear of the mold, saving your time and money.
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