Is house dust safe for babies?

A new life is growing below your heart. Soon enough it will be born and going to take a breath for the first time. Are you prepared to meet a new family member?
Children's room, crib toys and other stuff – it's okay to have all of this, but there are even more important things to think about. In particular, the climate supported in the house, as well as the level of temperature and humidity. Newborns are very sensitive even to the slightest and insignificant differences in this matter. And if you have wondered, is dust safe for babies, you should know that it is.

Prepare yourself in advance

You will have to watch over the temperature and humidity as soon as your baby is born, but it's air cleanliness that you got to take care of in advance. For this purpose, you need to check your ventilation system and clean it if necessary, because dust and baby's health are not compatible. And this kind of a job is for air duct service professionals with special equipment in their disposal. But why it's so important anyway? Let's figure it out.

What does air duct cleaning has to do with a childbirth?

When air lines in the house are in a good condition, the indoor air also feel much cleaner and fresher. As a result, your baby could feel himself more comfortable since the first days, which also means a much better sleep for the toddler and his parents. But let's not get ahead of ourselves, since every single expectant mother is also in need of a clean air. Healthy growth of a fetus not only depends on proper nutrition but also on an indoor air quality, where significant amount of time is spent while relaxing. If the air in house is not clean, it means that baby allergies duct will cause before the birth.

Signs of a contaminated ventilation

While you're busy preparing and arranging everything for a childbirth, there may be no more time left for ventilation cleaning. As a rule, a person would notice these problems in the worst case scenario when ventilation gets in a really poor condition, so it is possible to simply not see the necessity. But now you know for sure that is dust bad for babies, and it demands your special attention.

Here are the consequences you may face if ventilation haven't been cleaned for a quite some time:
the shelf surfaces will quickly become dusty even if cleaned regularly
the indoor air is stale and stuffy – breathing becomes uncomfortable in a matter of hours
a distinctive smell in the house – a sign of increased moisture
there is insufficient cooling or heating in the room

Who should I look for in order to check air ducts?

There are special services you can contact for air duct cleaning and examination. In New Jersey and New York it is us who will take care of your ventilation system, we are called Green Ductors, so feel free to get familiar with our services and it's prices. You can fill in an application on our website and it won't take too long before our manager will contact you. It's time to be well-prepared to a childbirth, so you could not worry for baby's health and comfort.
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