Is house dust bad for babies?

Why it's so hard for babies to breathe in the apartment?

You probably already read tons of books about growing-up babies and newborn care. Maybe you also visit different courses for young parents? Then you know how important it is — to keep appropriate indoor climate for baby's comfortable breathing. Even if you do everything right, the baby can still feel uncomfortable and sleep restlessly. What could be the reason? The answer is hidden inside your house, but to be more precise — it's in your ventilation. And as you know, newborn babies and dust are not good friends.

It's not just about the air humidity

The mucous membrane of growing-up organism is extremely sensitive even to the slightest irritants. Small moisture drop in the house may be insensitive for you, but the baby will immediately let you know — something is wrong. The recommended indoor humidity level must be no less than 50%. Deviations from this indicator can transform your dwelling into the dry desert or into the overly humid tropics. Of course, the baby will «protest» in such conditions.

Three signs of air duct contamination in house

Let's say that you have regulated humidity to the optimal level. Nevertheless, the baby with his heavy breathing and cry is still hinting that the problem didn't disappear. It means that it is time to pay attention to the other indicators:

  • Frequency of dust formation on every surface in the house, especially on the floor
  • Degree of windows fogging
  • Indoor smell — is it dampness am I feeling?
If even with regular cleaning there is a thin layer of dust still appears on the floor, windows fogging more than 3-5 cm from the edge, and you feel the smell of dampness, it means that the problem is uniquely in ventilation. It wouldn't be excess to notice again how dust and newborn babies are not compatible.

Contaminated air duct and harm to your health

There are about 35-40% of all house contaminants accumulate inside the ductwork. It's dust and dirt that gets in from outside, fatty coating from the exhaust hood, and also insects waste products. Birds often fly into the air duct too, which adds more dirt to our general list. As a result indoor air is filled with harmful microbes and bacteria because of so many contaminants.

Can you imagine what it is like for babies to breathe such air in the house? That is harmful for your health as well and if you won't take measures anytime soon, then hello-hello, it's an allergy! But before you grab the mop, brushes and other stuff for cleaning, we want to warn you — this is a bad idea. With your own efforts you can clean just a scanty part of air duct and that wouldn't change the indoor air quality. Better call the specialists.

Green Ductors brings clean air to babies and their parents

Healthy sleep of babies and other citizens in New Jersey is under the watchful eye of Green Ductors — air duct, dryer vents and chimneys cleaning services. We know how high the health risks to babies in house dust, that's why we use special equipment that includes vacuum pump and devices for disinfection. At the place our technicians begin with inspection of the air duct to assess the degree of contamination. Then comes the process of dust removal and after that air trunks are processed with a disinfectant.

By the end of procedure you can see photos on how your ventilation looked before the cleaning and compare it with the result of Green Ductors work. But the most bright indicators will be calm breathing and deep sleep of your baby. You can submit the application on the main page of our site.

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