HVAC Repair in NY

At Green Ductors we inspect the system meticulously for issues which can cause breakdowns. Our HVAC technicians are licensed, insured and certified.
Unit inspection comes first
Visibly loose or worn unit parts
Loud noises might come from the furnace
Uncommon smells
The electrical circuit that connects the furnace to the thermostat
Heater exchange low performance
Gas valve and pressure change
Condition of air filters, vents and grills
Dirt on blower motor and the wheel
The ignition system
We run a full spectrum diagnostic test to determine the state of the unit. Reasons for the check up:
After inspecting physical parts of the unit, we as well ensure that your indoor CO and CO2 levels are safe
Heating Maintenance
Cooling Maintenance
Heating Maintenance and Repair
Green Ductors HVAC technician checks and replaces the furnace filter if needed, inspects the heater's exterior and ventilation system for signs of wear, and repair if needed.
Then our technician cleans the furnace, including the ignition assembly, blower motor, and pressure switches. We also check, clean, and calibrate the home thermostat. Additionally, our technician will test for CO leaks and ensure the ventilation and piping are clean. If you have a boiler, the controls, safeties, pump, low water cutoff, and sight glass will be checked.
Our technician tests the indoor and outdoor parts of your AC, including motors, and belts. The AC's coolant levels measured and if lost coolant will be replaced. We check circuits, safety controls, drain line, condensate pumps, caps, and valves.
What happens during HVAC maintenance?
Maintenance is an essential step in managing your heating and cooling system. Over time, dust and worn parts reduce unit efficiency and increase the risk of its breakage. Scheduling regular preventive maintenance of furnace and AC extends units life by up to 48% and prevents annual losses of up to 15% in heating and cooling performance.
How much does it cost to have an HVAC serviced?
HVAC repair price varies based on the brand and type of heating and air conditioning system the client has, as well as additional options requests. Our technician will name the price for HVAC unit repair after the estimate before the service, so that you can decide whether it matches your budget expectations.
Payment methods
We accept cash, card and check payments.
Where is the nearest office?
Green Ductors operates in Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island and North and Central Jersey. For more information call us at +18887760898 We also offer emergency HVAC services in NYC
Heating Installations
Thermostat Installation
Heat Pump Installation
Gas Furnace Installation
Manager will contact you shortly
Why should I choose Green Ductors?
We provide personalized services. Our clients enjoy quality air and noticeable energy savings. By choosing Green Ductors as your trusted HVAC provider, you will enjoy free support line and estimate.

Our goal is to create a healthy indoor environment, provide the maximum comfort and cut the energy costs for you. At Green Ductors we so not sacrifice quality for price, but bridge the gap between them.
For the new clients
Detailed report with photos and explanation of service fixes
8 AM to 8 PM DAILY
Our support line works from 8 am to 8 pm
We are NADCA, BPI and Chimney Professionals certified
We follow air pollution research updates and study market solutions
General Liability up to $2M worker's compensation
Our equipment and disinfectants are EPA compliant
Complex air purification solutions.
Due to the fire hazard caused by clogged dryer
Do follow-ups shortly after the installation to ensure your system is running properly and you are happy with the new unit.
If you choose not to perform maintenance yourself we will gladly offer you our maintenance service
Provide a pdf with maintenance tips to keep your unit working efficiently and cut energy costs in the future.
We take time to discuss your usage patterns, so we can match you with the right unit. Apart from that:
Leave your phone and we will contact you!
Or you can call us yourself:
888 776 0898
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