Air Purifying F.A.Q

Air Pollution situation in NY and NJ is taking things seriously. What is even more terrifying is an Indoor Air Pollution data. There's no time left to deny the pollution threats on human health. Even if you follow the green diet and take runs twice a week, the indoor dusty air still might be harming your lungs and therefore body badly.
Our services:
Step 1 - Mechanical cleaning
Air Duct Cleaning.

The HVAC unit cleaning might also be required, which includes: Furnace, Cooling coils, and Blower motor cleaning and Filter replacement.

Dryer Vent Cleaning to maintain the proper functioning of your dryer and prevent possible fire hazards.

If you found Black Mold in Air Vents or on a wall or a ceiling of your bathroom, attic or kitchen - professional removal and UV lamp setting are required.

Let's see if we forgot something? Oh, yes! We did.

If there's a chimney in your house, and most of the time there is one or two, it also has to be cleaned once a year. The most suitable time is November-December. People tend to get chimney sweep services before Christmas time.
Step 2 - Setting up the System
All the required procedures are done, yet seems like home routine cleaning didn't make THAT much change.

"So what now?" - you'll ask.
And the statistically proven answer will be:
"I know, you want me to pay, and pay more"

The truth is - we don't.
We tried (and hopefully, we succeeded) to build our company on the legal and environmentally-conscious friendly bases. We see our mission in helping people to maintain their health by providing solutions to a better indoor environment. Like many others do in hundreds of ways and professional fields possible. Those can be the medical care sector, clear water brands, companies that recycle and those who produce clothes made of natural materials. We all belong to the same ecosystem.

We're also trying to save your money:

1. We provide quality service, that doesn't require post-fixing. Also, we provide a 6-month warranty on our service for the NEW customers. Regular customers fancy us already.

2. We offer an ERV system installation. ERV will not only benefit your health by simply improving the indoor air quality. But will also reduce energy bills, due to a regulated working house of the controlled air purifying system.

Imagine how many CO2, VOC and PM 2.5 are circulating in your cozy home right now.
Beware of a SCAM in the HVAC
Last but not least.
Make sure, your contractor isn't a scam. Acknowledge how to identify SCAM in the HVAC business before to pay for it.
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