Why simple Air Ducts Cleaning is not enough to maintain Indoor Air Quality?
Contamination source removal: general and ducts cleaning;
Filtration: central air, humidifier, and air purifier;
Fresh air ventilation
🌥 Contamination source removal
Cleaning the ducts is a step one action, what's also necessary is
Regular house cleaning
Vacuuming carpets, sweeping dust, moppin, etc.
Say NO to chemicals and odors
Even though you still want to use some, make sure they are stored in a safe distance from the unit.
Make sure the combustion elements are properly vented through ventilation
Dryer, kitchen exhaust, chimney, etc.
🌤 Filtration
Central air, humidifier and air purifier
After any required cleaning made, we place a new filter in the system. It is essential to renew filters on time. We will be happy to guide you through various filter brands and stores to purchase.

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☀️ Fresh air ventilation
Indoor air quality scientific data emphasize the importance of freshening the place regularly. Do not forget to let windows open for at least 10 min a day. For those who feel lazy to carry out regular cleaning and forgets to open windows, there is an ERV option.
🌪 Why is ERV better than open windows? 💰
Not everyone can develop the habit of tearing windows, and you won't have to do it at night.
Moisture and pollutants from the street enter the room through open windows
Open windows reduce the energy efficiency of the house
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