Can dust affect your skin?

Can Dust affect your skin
By | December 16, 2023
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Dust is a major air pollutant commonly known to cause respiratory problems. But dust can be damaging to your skin as well

Did you know that dust can be damaging to your skin?

Yes, poor quality air whether indoor or outdoor air, can cause mild to adverse reactions to your skin. Dust is made up of tiny particles of pollen, debris, microscopic materials, and dead cells shed by plants and animals. A single or combination of these components can cause particularly undesirable effects to your skin, that’s why you need to improve the quality of air around you whatsoever.

Major skin problems due to dust

Frequent exposure to dust, according to a recent dermatological study can cause eczema, skin rashes, irritation, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkles/premature aging.

While some eczema cases exist due to other causes, dust worsens the condition and makes it difficult to treat.

Skin irritation
Mainly caused by dust from dead animal cells, especially from mites and cockroaches.

Skin rashes
Any component of dust can cause rashes on the skin. Dust from dead animal cells is known to have the most significant contribution to dust rashes.

It’s characterized by darkening skin patches that can appear anywhere on the skin. Once in the skin, these agents trigger inflammation pathways that further increase the intensity of pigmentation.

Everyone wants the wisdom and riches that often come with increasing age, but no one wants their skin to look aged. The presence of toxic fumes in dust accelerates skin aging. A natural remedy that keeps off your skin from premature aging would thus be the avoidance of dust.

Delays healing of damaged skin
In case you have damaged skin, for instance, due to adverse weather, it might be difficult for it to heal if you expose it to dust.

Ways to improve indoor air and therefore reduce the amount of dust polluting your skin

How do you keep the negative effects of dust on your skin at bay? Well, while little can be done about skin problems due to outdoor dust (you either wear a mask or avoid the outdoors), there’s pretty much that can be done to safeguard your indoors, and so your skin, from the effects of dust.

Open windows
You can always ensure that your indoors is well ventilated by opening windows and doors.

Dust surfaces
Dust settles on any surfaces in the house. When cleaning, avoid washing the floor alone while disregarding the other surfaces. Check the walls, windows, shelves, wardrobes, and any stuff in the house.

Clean ventilation
Ventilations serve to bring air into the house. The air is often contaminated with dust and other particles. Even though not so often, be sure to clean the ventilation at least once every two years.

Air cleaning services
Doing all this cleaning can be tiring. It could be even more overwhelming when you have other duties to attend. In other cases, depending on the level of dust infestation, you will need the help of a professional. That’s where professional air cleaning service providers come in. For an agreed cost, they professionally clean up your entire indoors, guaranteeing you safety from dust for a substantially longer period.

Finding air cleaning services

In this era, finding an air cleaning service provider may not be as difficult. However, with the growing numbers of these providers in the market, determining the best among the pool could pose some challenges.

We, the Green Ductors, comes in to simplify your search while guaranteeing the highest quality air cleaning services.

Based in New York, Green Ductors Air cleaning company offers ventilation cleaning and indoor air quality monitoring services to help improve your skin and the general wellness of your body. Our team of professionally trained workforce is experienced in all aspects of air cleaning, including air quality assessment to find potential dirt inlets and thorough duct cleaning.

We use modern tools, and technologies – Aeroseal Duct Sealing, and are NADCA and BPI certified to serve all our customer needs. We innovate advanced ways to ensure that dust doesn’t build up in your home more quickly than it should, thus giving you value for your money. To we use green BPI certified sanitizers to leave your indoors fresh and clean.

We make efforts to continuously improve our workforce through continuous on-the-job training. As a result, we have always received high-quality rankings over the years.

For that clean and healthy skin free from dust contamination, contact us to solve your air cleaning needs

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