Is the ERV System Worth it?

ERV System
By | December 20, 2023
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An Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) will exchange polluted indoor air with outdoor clean, fresh air. You won’t waste energy and money. That means that your family will have a healthier, more comfortable indoor environment and save on bills.

How ERV system works?

In summer

As your stale, conditioned indoor air is expelled, the ERV system removes heat from the fresh hot air that comes in. Energy recovery ventilation will precool the incoming air and reduce the energy needed to cool it to a comfortable level.

In winter

When your stale indoor air is expelled, the system will preheat the fresh cold outdoor air that comes in. You will need much less energy for incoming heating air when it gets inside.

The importance of Fresh Clean Air indoors

EPA estimates the Clean Air Act prevented

  • 130,000 heart attacks
  • 1.7 million asthma attacks
  • 13 million lost workdays between 1990 and 2010.

By 2020, an estimated 230,000 adult premature deaths and 280 infant deaths will be prevented.

Energy recovery ventilation for a single room

A single unit can ensure efficient ventilation in spaces with a floor area of up to 100 m2.

Fresh and Clean Air

Built-in filters provide supply air cleaning.
We can customize your ERV system by providing HEPA filters for air purity (PM2.5 > 95%). HEPA filters are purchased separately.

Efficiency & Comfort

Energy efficiency up to 96%.
ERV has a silent operation, low energy EC fans, and compact size.

Manage ERV using a smartphone

Controlled by Android or IOS smartphones or tablets.
The unit is also equipped with a control panel and remote control.

ERV Benefits

Fresh Clean Air
You will always have fresh air indoors. Thanks to built-in filters, the air is clean.

Easy Management
You can manage the system using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Silent Operation
We know how comfort is essential. Our ERV systems have a silent operation.

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