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We offer personalized working conditions depending on your experience
  • 1
    Receiving incoming calls, processing requests and appeals from customers through non-voice channels (email, chat, messages)
  • 2
    Consulting clients about the services and quotes, selling the company’s services
  • 3
    Requisitioning customers, scheduling technician’s visits
  • 4
    Settlement of conflict situations (very seldom)
  • 5
    Work in CRM system

Required skills

  • You are fluent in English (C1/C2 levels both in verbal and written communication). Good pronunciation is highly needed.
  • You have high learning ability, information retrieval skills and high communication skills
  • You are friendly and strongly customer-oriented
  • You are hard-working and attentive
  • Working environment from home should be the following: enclosed room (quiet place without outside noise), personal computer (laptop), headset (headphones with microphone), high-speed stable home internet.
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Green Ductors offers to sales managers:
We are multiplying. Our turnover is four times compared to 2019. This means more commercial, complex and high-paying jobs. Therefore, we hire sales managers who want to grow into leaders and know how to take responsibility and technical knowledge.
Professional growth
We provide sales managers with updated information from the HVAC field leaders. The company has a knowledge base. We're looking for ambitious and motivated colleagues to bring quality to our clients.
Supportive and friendly team
We value team spirit and mutual assistance. Now we are 14 people, including the sales department. There is always a colleague in touch who will help in a difficult situation.
Green Ductors
Founded in 2015
Our remote sales team processes 400+ requests per month, making 4000+ calls.
Technological approach
We are for automation. Technicians fill out electronic contracts. And sometimes, they carry out inspections from the drone.
Certifications and reviews
We study, attend conferences, receive certification, and improve the knowledge base constantly.
Customers love our service. Every month we get 15+ positive reviews on Yelp, Home Advisor, Angieslist
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