Let's build your career together

We offer personalized working conditions depending on your experience.
We offer
Up to $250 a day cash
At Green Ductors, technicians with experience earn an average of up to $ 250 per day ($ 150-200 company commission and $ 20-50 customer tips).
Car, gasoline and equipment are on us.
Different payment options are possible.
Career Opportunity
Over the past 2 years, we have grown 4 times in turnover. We are hiring technicians who want to grow into leaders.
We comply with agreements
We have a knowledge base for employees, help colleagues to achieve career and professional growth, and provide training materials.
Friendly team
We value team spirit and mutual assistance. Now we are 12 people, including the sales department. There is always a colleague in touch who will help in a difficult situation.
Do I need experience?
We are looking for people with and without experience.
For technicians with experience, we offer the best conditions.
If you have no experience, we are ready to train you. The company's knowledge base has everything you need, you just have to pass the test.
What will I have to do?
Our main service is Air Duct Cleaning for residential properties. Technicians also perform dryer vent cleaning, chimney sweep, and work on commercial projects.
Requirements for Technicians
Physical abilities, it is necessary to lift a 60 kg vacuum cleaner up the stairs
US driver license
Driving experience
Fluent english
What is the working schedule?
8 am to 6 pm
Hours may shift depending on the approved schedule and the amount of work left. There can be delays. If it happens, the technician's earnings per shift will increase in proportion to the time spent.
You can also finish earlier if all services are done.
Jeans and sneakers are provided by the technician. Special shoes are not required, often in the house we work without shoes.
The company provides T-shirts and sweatshirts.
I want to try. Who should I do next?
Fill out the form on this page or call at +13475061577.
Our remote recruiter will answer your questions. We will agree on trial days, and depending on experience, we will approve the terms of cooperation. After trial days, with a positive outcome, we draw up a further development plan.
Some facts about us
Founded in 2015
Our remote sales team processes 400+ requests per month, making 4000+ calls
We are for automation. Technicians fill out electronic contracts. And sometimes they carry out inspections from the drone.
We study, attend conferences, receive certification, and improve the knowledge base for employees.
Customers love our service. Every month we get 15+ positive reviews on Yelp, Home Advisor, Angieslist
I want to apply
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