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PTAC Air Conditioner
PTAC is a heating and air conditioning system commonly used in appartment buildings and condominius in Manhattan.
The packaged terminal air conditioner is usually positioned on the wall just a few inches above the floor.
We've prepared images how PTAC unit looks like.
They should help you to understand if your air conditioner is a PTAC.

How to check
if the Air Conditioner should be cleaned
Check if air filters
are clogged
It's very important for your health and well-being to keep your air conditioner clean.

Benefits of keeping Air Conditioner clean

Maximize efficiency
A dirty or clogged PTAC filter significally reduces the air flow and may lead to compressor failure.
Clean PTAC unit will run at peak efficiency, ensuring safety and more comfortable stay indoors.

Reduce energy bills
By properly cleaning and maintenance of PTAC units, homeowners can reduce energy consuption up to 25%.
Having a regular maintenance, you can prevent expensive repair costs.

Remove dust, debris and mold
Cleaning your PTAC unit will help to improve Indoor Air Quality, removing asthma and allergy triggers.
Dirty PTACs make noise while operating and cause odors.

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