Why is Air Shaft Cleaning important?

A clean air shafts and risers ensure that there is enough volume of air that can be used up in the living spaces.
It decreases the load on the HVAC system. It can greatly reduce the infiltration of the cold air coming from the outside.
Clean air shafts and risers can lower down the energy costs, reduce the utility costs and extend the life of system through preventing excessive wear and tear and energy consumption.
Clean air shaft systems improve the quality of indoor air quality and help create a healthier, more comfortable, and a more productive environment. .

The steps of Air Shaft Cleaning process

Visual or Camera Inspection

Through checking the system out impending problems can be spotted and an appropriate solution can be applied to prevent it from getting worse.

Air Shaft Cleaning

Technicians use specialized and advanced tools and equipments to make sure that the Air Shaft/ Riser Cleaning service has a high quality. They make sure that dust is totally removed.

Preparing report

After the service is completed, Green Ductors team will prepare a report with photos before vs after Air Shaft/Riser Cleaning and a video report (if required)

Cleaning your shafts and risers is a wise investment to keep your building energy efficient, safe, and healthy.For corporations and property managers, putting off cleaning your air shaft/riser system can adversely reduce your energy costs, increase air flow, remove blockages, improve your indoor air quality and directly impact your resident’s health.

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