CO2, CO, VOC and PM2.5 levels monitoring

Regular Air Ducts Cleaning helps to remove dust, mites and odor sources from the house, while gases and humidity level still are in. Air Quality Monitors detect and measure indoor gas concentrations, PM2.5 and humidity levels. Once you know the roots of the problem - the solution can be found.

Why should I monitor CO, CO2 and VOC levels?

Modern houses are extremely well insulated and sealed, which means in 99% there's no energy leakage. What it also means is that if a bedroom door is closed for the night there is no fresh air coming in the room. Imagine or better check in the next morning how stale the air is because of the 8-hour sleep breathing-inside-a-"box" literally.

Now as many of us follow the lockdown policy and stay at home, we produce more CO2 than we ever did. Family members or tenants stay together, as food businesses don't operate - people cook at home, some also smoke inside. We're talking about significantly increased amounts of CO2 (the worst scenario for those with the gas stove). Above-the-norm gas levels affect our cognitive ability, reaction speed, make us tired and moody.
How to choose the right CO2 Monitor?
There are plenty of devices in the market in 2020. To choose the best air quality monitor to consider these characteristics:
High sensor precision
Quick response time
If gas levels overcome the norm, the monitor gives the signal immediately after receiving the numbers.
Measures different elements
Any good air quality monitor can measure various pollutants - VOCs, CO2, Ozone, humidity level and PM2 - and provide the current picture of the air quality in the room.
User friendly
Monitors often come with smartphone integration. Apps have an-easy-to-use designs. If it's hard to understand what data is shown on the screen you won't be able to take necessary actions to improve the air condition.
Multi-functioning at a time
The overall air quality in a single reading.
Good detection capacity
Devices are able to cover multiple square feet

We use Awair monitors at Green Ductors

Awair 2nd Edition monitor gives five direct measurements. While it also gives CO data, as it is partly inferred from VOCs. It is not a replacement for a carbon monoxide detector.

Pm2.5 measurement is accurate within +10%.
VOCs measurement is accurate within +10%.
CO2 measurement given is accurate within +10%.
Temperature measurement given is accurate within +0.2 °C.
Relative Humidity measurement given is accurate within +2 %.

The data is color-coded in the app. If you don't use the app, the monitor still shows air quality information on its LED display.
Air Quality monitor Awair for CO2 green ductors
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Who's at the most risk group?

People with respiratory diseases, elderly, pregnant women and kids. High gas concentrations result in sleep shortening, anxiety, headaches, fatigue or drop in cognitive activity. If you live like that every day, it becomes clear why motivation disappears. Everything is interconnected.

It is especially important to observe "the CO2 diet for children", at this age their neural connections multiply, deep habits and attitudes develop. CO2 and CO levels not only are slows down to the physical body development process, but also affect the sleep and so the cognitive ability.
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