HVAC Cleaning.
Is it worth it and if yes, what are the steps?

Is HVAC cleaning beneficial for IAQ maintenance?

For the last 30 years of research, not enough evidence on HAVC cleaning extra benefits was found. Though no one can deny three facts:

Fact 1: The air quality of our planet is getting less day by day in big industrial cities and drawn by the wind to the neighborhoods. Green Ductors are operating in NYC and NJ, both areas are in the zone of most risk if compared to most of the European cities.

Fact 2: The Indoor pollutants concentration in the air is 5 times higher than outdoors. Knowing the statistically proven 90% of the daytime that the US citizens spend indoors - the final picture doesn't seem pleasant.

Fact 3: Out of every 4 kids in the US these days one has asthma. Which makes it 25% of the new populations coming to this planet. And if Air Ducts Cleaning wasn't showing much of a benefit to human health in the 1990s, it does in 2020.

Also with the previous methods of Ducts cleaning the situation of higher contaminants post-cleaning indoor levels than the pre-cleaning levels was usual. With new methods of and tools for cleaning this doesn't happen anymore.

Routine steps for HVAC cleaning at home?

Recommendations to avoid the need for costly air duct cleaning:

  1. Maintain good housekeeping.
  2. Change HVAC filters regularly, this can be easily done by yourself
  3. Book coils and clover professional cleaning once a year
  4. If you're in the middle of the building renovation period seal the ductwork to prevent dust and debris from entering the unit.
  5. Consider routine (once in 3 month together with filters change) inspections of ductwork.

Choosing an HVAC what will bring no headaches afterward?

If you've decided that this time professional help is needed, read steps below.
Steps to choose an HVAC cleaning company

  1. Check listings references
  2. Make sure the company is NADCA-certified. This proofs the professionalism of Air Systems Cleaning Specialists. NADCA-certified technicians provide the service according to the NADCA standards and are continuing education.
  3. Check if the company has a license and offers insurance.
  4. Request estimates from at least two HVAC cleaning companies to compare.
  5. Full house $99 duct cleaning special - is a 100% fraud. If a deal seems too good to be true most of the time it is. So stick to your intuition. NADCA-certified technicians won't do $99 cleaning for 12 ducts and also won't bargain.
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