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Save hundreds of dollars a month with and Energy Audit
An energy audit is an initial stage to evaluate how much energy your home consumes and to assess what measures you can take your home more energy-efficient, by performing a room by room inspection of a house as well as a precise examination of past utility bills. An audit will reveal you problems that may, when fixed, save you significant amounts of money over time. During the audit, you can get a better understanding of where you are losing energy.
Why a home energy audit?
In order to improve your home's value
To lower utility bills for the life of your home
If your home has comfort issues
If there are ventilation or health problems
If you wish to improve the environment
Reveal the secrets of energy efficiency
We use a variety of methods and tools to determine the energy efficiency of a house
Infrared thermal imaging
Helps to see the temperature variations of the building
Blower doors
To check the air tightness of your home
Utility Bill Analysis
To check for any energy wastage
Roof Inspections
To prevent damage due to water infiltration
HVAC Inspections
To ensure that your HVAC system operates at maximum efficiency
When a home energy audit should be performed?
Before you sell your home
Before you buy a home
Before installing solar or renewable energy systems
Before replacing your heating or AC system
Before you renovate your home
How to prepare for an energy audit?
Before the energy auditor visits your house we will ask you to prepare a list of any possible problems such as drafty rooms or condensation and have a summary of your annual energy bill (Your utility can make these for you.) Auditors use this information to determine what to focus on during the audit.
The auditor first checks the outside of the home to determine the size of the house and its features like window size and number, wall area.
The auditor then will analyze the occupant's behavior. You may be asked the following questions: Is anyone home during working hours? What is the average thermostat setting for winter and summer? How many people live here? Is every room in use?
Your answers may help to reveal some easy ways to reduce your home energy consumption. Be sure to walk through with the auditor as they work, and ask questions.
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