How to clean pet hair from all over the house?

Your pets and their ubiquitous hair

What four-legged friend usually meets you every single day as you come home and wakes you up in the morning? Whether it's a cat, a dog or anybody else — doesn't matter, animals make us a bit better. Probably. But they require proper care, and this especially applies to their fur. Do you think that the vacuum cleaner is able to solve this problem? Well, not entirely, since most of pets hair accumulates not only on household surfaces, but inside the ventilation system as well. That's why you more often and often seek the methods how to control dog hair in the house efficiently.

When air ducts begin to "bite"

No matter how carefully you comb out your pets, especially during molting, their hair still gets into the duct and accumulates there along with the dust, insects and other contaminants. Over time you will begin to feel the consequences of all that stuff:
Air circulation in the house is disrupted
The level of humidity changes – means the possibility of mold
There is a smell of dampness
Just like your pets, you begin to feel tired or sleepy more often than usual
In addition to all of this you may feel depressed, but this is only if the duct is heavily clogged. Nevertheless, you shouldn't neglect your ventilation — it's better to inspect the system and clean it from everything superfluous, because it's one of the most efficient solutions how to get rid of dog hair in the house, by the way.

Animals against their own fallen hair

You aren't the only one who experiences the consequences of air duct contamination. Your pets have particularly keen senses – just imagine how do they feel with their keen sense of smell when dog hair all over house (if you have a dog)? Appeasing them with extra food won't do, you need to take a different approach. To restore the circulation of fresh air in your room, for example.

Spare your guests with allergies

No matter how much one loves animals, their allergy at times don't feel the same way. You probably know the effect of cats and dogs hair on some people health. Maybe you even have such people among your friends and acquaintances. Even if you will clean everything up before letting in your visitors, they will most likely feel discomfort. As a result, the long-awaited meeting will not go as planned.

The only reliable way to clean your ventilation

Asking your neighbor or any of your relatives to clean the air ducts – isn't a good idea. Unless they're technicians of some specialized service that specializing on professional ventilation cleaning, of course. Are you sure you don't have this kind of people working at Green Ductors? We're located not too far from you anyway, so we're always ready to examine your air ducts at any time convenient for you. With our help things won't get hairy with your ductwork!
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