Remove asthma triggers
to breathe cleaner
Asthma suffers will often have attacks, when living in an environment of polluted air
our mission
The air confined in the ventilation system carries harmful contaminants that affect your health and asthma attacks.

Green Ductors help people who suffer from Asthma and Allergy to remove Asthma triggers from the air.
We remove dust, debris, particles which are accumulated in your Air Duct system.

Our mission is to make 10 000 families healthier in New York and New Jersey.

After Air Duct Cleaning our clients get relief:
- get rid of nose stuffiness,
- significantly less coughing,
- no/less trouble sleeping caused by shortness of breath, coughing or wheezing.
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Happy Clients

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Always available
Green Ductors are looking forward to make
10 000 families healthier
Air Duct Cleaning process
We follow NADCA standards and provide eco-friendly service.
Negative pressure HEPA filtrated machine sucks everything from the vents. Snake rotar brush scrapes everything left from the walls, corners. After that we apply the sanitizer to kill bacteria, germs, mold or mildew. it's a green sanitizer, poses no threat to your health or pets.
Photos before and after
Our technician will take pictures before and after cleaning.
We will email you the photos after the service is completed.
6-month guarantee
Unlike any other companies we provide 6-month guarantee.
So you can be sure that Green Ductors is a reliable company, which cares about clients.
The only company which
cares & wants to solve your issues
Why choose Green Ductors
Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and healthier
We work 7 days/week
We are happy to provide you a service 7 days a week and improve indoor air quality. You can schedule the appointment when it is convenient for you. We have no days off and work from 8 am till 8 pm.
We are always available for our clients. But for your peace of mind we provide customer satisfaction guarantee during 6 months. We do provide other types of warranties for different services startig from 1-2 years.
Certified and experienced pros
Our pros have different certificates and more than 10 years of experience. We invest a lot in trainings to be a source of knowledge and experience in making your house more comfortable, safe and energy efficient for you and your family. Green Ductors are BPI GoldStar Contractor.
3 785 Happy Customers
You can check what people say about Green Ductors job and level of our service on Yelp, HomeAdvisor, Angie's List and other platforms. We have more than 3400 Happy Customers. Our average rate is A+.
Our clients love us
Mike F
Highland, NY
THESE GUYS ARE GREAT!! You definitely get what you pay for. They cleaned my air ducts impeccably. They take before and after pictures to show you how much dust and grime they actually cleaned up. My family is breathing so much better. My sons sinuses cleared up the day they did the cleaning. I can't say enough good things about Green Ductors!
Yulian P
New York
So grateful for the service we received from Green Ductors. Dmytro provides us with excellent Air Duct Cleaning service. My son is suffering from asthma and it was a long process of searching solutions for air quality improvement. First we had Air quality monitor installed in my son's bedroom and after few days we got service completed. Difference in air quality is very noticeable and we my son is not coughing for few days already.
Thanks Green Ductors !
Lijo L
New York
Green ductors was amazing! They quoted me a price that was half of what I'd gotten from other companies. Inga, who helped me book the appointment was really helpful. The technician who came to clean the vents was also really good at explaining what he was doing and documented everything through pictures. He was punctual and thorough. They can also bring replacement filters for your filters (at an added price) if you show them your model etc. Excellent service for an even better price! Would definitely recommend this company.
Our awards
We always do our best for our clients to have great experience with Green Ductors
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