Why it's a must for new homeowners to clean air ducts?

Indoor air is more polluted than the outdoor. Most of the contaminants accumulate or grow in the ductwork.
Buying a house is a fascinating yet long process. One thing new homeowners often forget to consider - a condition of air ducts in their new home. No one wants to move in to a dusty, odorfull, stale space. Simple Air Duct Cleaning service can help to solve the situation.

We've outlined several reasons why the ducts of your new home should be cleaned before the move-in day:

Five WHY to clean Air Ducts

You don't want "heritage" from former owners
If your new home had a former owner, most likely you know little about his or her life habits. Were there any pets in the house? Has a house been ever inspected? Has there ever been a mold source found? If you care about air quality, better get an inspection to know what you will have to deal with.

The first step is to keep windows open for several hours and use a disinfector. If the former owner suffered from any disease, sneezed and coughed everywhere, germs and bacteria probably remained in the air.
The second step is to clean your ducts.
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Odor elimination
Air Duct cleaning helps to remove musty odors, that may remain in your newly acquired home. No matter how tidy it looks, if Air Ducts were not cleaned for 1-1,5 years, dirt and dust accumulate, which creates a stale, musty odor environment.
Dust removal
After buying a new home, at least during the first year, people tend to keep it clean: wash dust off surfaces, vacuum carpets. But air ducts can remain dirty for years, which is why dust quickly accumulates in the house and spreads throughout the room. Cleaning ducts is a step towards a healthy indoor environment.
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Reduce energy costs
Buying a new home is a major financial investment. You don't want to pile energy bills on top of your new home cost, do you?
Clean, properly working air ducts help to cut the bills. When the airflow is not blocked by dust or other debris there is no cause for air resistance and the system operates in a non-overload mode. As a result, supply and return work properly, cooling and heating the air in the house. And you do not spend extra money.
Increased system lifetime
A common cause of system failure is a buildup of dirt and debris. Buying a house, the last thing you want to face, it is a malfunctioning system. Cleaning the ducts before moving in helps prevent wear out and the HVAC breakdown.

Indoor Air: Common Contaminants

According to the EPA: Contaminated central air handling systems can become breeding grounds for mold, mildew and other sources of biological contaminants and can then distribute these contaminants through the home.

The most common indoor air contaminants are:

  1. Bacteria & Viruses
  2. Mold spores
  3. Fungus
  4. Pollen
  5. Pet dander
  6. Dust mites
  7. VOCs - from household cleaning products and construction supplies like paints, varnishes, and glue
      Simple Air Duct Cleaning will help protect your family, prevent or alleviate the symptoms of allergies, asthma and rest of possible health issues.
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