AC duct cleaning
AC duct cleaning — feel the pleasant coolness indoors
It's a hot summer day, middle of July probably, you turn on your conditioner and enjoy the cold air whiffs inside your house. This is a real salvation at a time when it seems that even asphalt begins to melt from the heat outdoors. But later you notice that the cold air blows not intensely enough to save you from the hell of extremely sunny days. What could be the reason of that? Let us answer first — you did the AC air duct cleaning long ago. This looks like a job for Green Ductors!
Dust happens — don't be upset
There is a filter in HVAC system that you can remove and change — it will help you restore the normal air-cooling. But if the situation didn't change, it means that you need air conditioning duct cleaning services from professionals with special equipment. Such services will help you recover AC level and improve overall air quality — double benefit!

Other advantages of air-condition duct cleaning are:
Better state of health, especially if you have an allergy or asthma
Cleaner house — amount of dust on surfaces will significantly reduce
Improving of the HVAC-system efficiency — all functions return to the normal level
Feeling of freshness inside the house — there is no strange smell or stuffiness indoors
Good mood — you will notice that you became more calm, kind and, probably, happy in some sense
If your house was a human it would be like a…
Just imagine a person on the morning jogging — he or she runs towards the sunrise and on the backstage we hear accretive noise of awakening city… Sounds like a beginning of some commercial or a cheap novel, but we've chosen this form to describe the state of your house when you have used the AC duct cleaning services and enjoy the coolness in rooms.

How would your house look like in this form when the air duct significantly contaminated? Well, a picture of a tired person then cough and wheeze — is the closest interpretation of your dwelling in this case. Which one of these two «characters» would you choose? You don't have to answer the question — we know who is the favorite one or maybe you more like that coughing «guy»?
The modesty of costs
You don't need to be a millionaire for using the services of air duct cleaning. The prices may differ depending on the scope of work, but it doesn't mean that somebody is going to pay $100 and you — $10 000. All prices for services of our company are presented on the main page of our web site. If you have questions about the air conditioner duct cleaning cost, contact us, and you will know all the details.

In most cases technicians must inspect your air duct first and determine the condition of system. We have special devices with cameras for inspection of ventilation trunk. After this procedure we can estimate the degree of contamination and tell you how much the cleaning will cost. You can order from us full or partial cleaning in case you need to clean only air duct or dryer vent, for example.
Keep coolness and healthy breath
We spend so many time inside our houses, so why don't keep the comfortable conditions for every family member? Air duct cleaning helps to get the optimal condition for you and other householders without huge money expenses. You can improve air quality in your house with help of real professionals — that is reliable guaranty of result.

It's very important — to breathe freely inside your house. It makes you feel calm and healthy. Your home is not just a room — it's your own temple where you put your thoughts in order and this process lasts much better when your lungs and the «lungs» of the house are clear.
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