Why you should clean your air ducts?

Should You Have the Air Ducts in Your Home Cleaned

Green Ductors — is your right choice when the air duct is should to be cleaned. Our technicians are highly qualified and prepared for quality air duct cleaning in your house. We have special advanced equipment, which helps us carry out all the procedures with HVAC system professionally fast. You need only call us or submit your application to get free consultation about why you should clean your air ducts and how much does it cost.

The necessity to be healthy

So, is having the air ducts in your home cleaned necessary or it can wait? It is the same as asking the question: can my health wait? Dust cleaning is extremely important for normal indoor air recirculating. When small parts accumulate and contaminate ventilation system, air recirculating is significantly reduces. HVAC system has special filters, of course, but if they are not cleaned for a long time, air quality becomes lower and lower every day.

Our services are intended for saving not only the fresh air in the house, but primary for the health of the every householder. That’s why we are proud of what we do and confident in every our technician. When our specialists arrive at the place, you can ask them about why should you keep the air ducts in your home cleaned and how often do you need to call the air duct cleaners.

There are the main benefits of calling the Green Ductors:

·   Allergies and asthma disease (if you have it) become more “softly”

·   Increasing of your respiratory health

·   Indoor smell is much better

·   Your dwelling looks cleaner

·   The load on ventilation system is easier and its work is longer

We keep air ducts clean in different areas and if you live at Staten Island, New Jersey or in Brooklyn, then we’re preparing our brushes, pumps and other devices!

Some facts about the indoor air quality

1. Statistically, one of the six people is affected by allergy because of dust from the air duct.

2. Most of people spend 75% of time in average inside the house.

3. Small particles indoors are dozen times more dangerous for health.

4. Half of all our diseases is caused by pollutants from the air ducts.

5. There are about 11 million asthmatics among the Americans.

6. Elderly and children are particularly susceptible to dust from ventilation system.

When the time comes to clean your house, you may wonder: should air ducts be on your spring cleaning list? Well, we hope now you can affirmatively answer and call us when the spring-cleaning will start!

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Do not delay taking care of your loved ones' health for tomorrow!