How to clean a chimney and keep your house warm

A long time ago there was such profession as chimney sweeper. As you might have guessed, those people provided services of chimney cleaning. It was a really dirty work with it own features: ropes, narrow tubes and little assistants, called Spazzacamini — they was very useful in cases when chimney sweepers couldn’t crawl to the tube themselves. But it was then, and you may ask the question about how to clean a chimney today. The procedure of chimney and air duct cleaning in general is much better now and we tell you why.

Winter is coming — it’s time to prepare your fireplace

Despite existing of modern heating systems in buildings, many houses still have fireplaces, which create special atmosphere of coziness. When the cold seasons come, it’s so pleasantly to kindle a fireplace and drink a cup of hot chocolate or cacao near it. But the chimney in your house needs a regular care if you want to enjoy of warm aura indoors every deep autumn and winter.

Products of combustion settle down on the walls of tube with time. It consists of acidic components that deteriorate the construction. Also, accumulation of those materials in chimney increases the risk of fire in house. Keep calm — there’s no reason to panic, but if you want to know how often should you have your chimney cleaned, we recommend you to inspect the tube at least once a year. And if you interested of that how to sweep a chimney, the better way — is to call the specialists.

Chimney sweeps of the 21st century — the keepers of your comfort

Of course you can search the methods how to clean chimney by yourself, but we must warn you right away that is a bad idea. First of all, you need a special equipment for really quality cleaning. Otherwise, all your efforts can lead to not very impressive result, when only 8-10% will be clean. Instead of it you can call us and order the service that you need. We know how to clean your chimney and it’s not just a words — Green Ductors make everything possible for being the best in the field of air duct, dryer vent and chimney cleaning.

Our work gives next results:

·   No flammable and toxic substances inside the chimney

·   Warm days and evenings in time of cold season without unpleasant smell indoors

·   Safety and health of every dweller

·   No free «roommates» (birds often make nests inside chimneys)

·   Money saving — repairing of tubes is more expensive than cleaning

Still don’t sure how often to clean chimney in your house? Call us and our technicians will consult you right after inspection.

Now, when you know how to make a chimney sweep, the question of price is still open. You can check it on the main page of our website or in special section of it, where every type of services described more detail.

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