While we are sorry to hear Indoor Air Quality didn’t get improved much since our last visit we will be happy to help you make sure we can use our innovative method to improve Air Quality for you

The process should be made in 5 steps:



Set up  Air Quality Monitoring equipment (using Foobot our Air Wave or Atmotube modern Air Quality sensor devices to check PM2.5 and VOC level at current stage – $300.



Source Removal (Air Duct Cleaning, Filters and Crossventilation) – $750 per system +$35 filter installation.



Energy Recovery Ventilation system installation (unit + labor to install the unit, which will help us constantly supply Fresh Air and remove contaminated air, other words improving Air Exchange Rate in the house) – 1950$.



Installing “Molekule” Air Purifier, which removes not only particles, but also harmfull VOC gases and Formaldehyde – $799 (can be purchased in finance $69 a month).



Changing Filters on a regular basis (every 2 month) on HVAC, ERV and Molekule unit.  All of these steps are essential in properly maintained Air Quality in her house.


Total Indoor Air Quality Improvement cost $3799.
Process can be breaking for steps and will take 3-10 days from first to last step.

Any questions?


What People Say?

The representative who came to do the job was polite, engaging, knowledgeable and very helpful. He completed sweeping the chimney and issued a confirmation certificate in good time, and Jeff the fireplace beat and tidy with the flue closed and grate reinstalled.

Review by James T.

The actual work was done by Safety Maintenance First. They were able to spot the problem for the leak from the roof into the house which no other roofer that I hired could do. They kept me posted with pictures of how they corrected the problem and gave me a 10 year warranty on the work which was reassuring.

Review by Mrs C.

Real Pros explained everything and were very nice to work I even sent them to my mother-in laws house to do hers too.

John Smith

The tech was efficient and friendly. That being said this is the first time I’m cleaning my fireplace, it took only around 15 mins which made me a little skeptical, so can’t really give a proper opinion.


Review by Rakhee S.

Other than being late due to a problem at previous job site, the technician was efficient and did an excellent job.


Review by Michael L.

Green Air Care associate was professional and efficient. He clearly explained what he was going to do and showed the progress


Review by Sanjay M.



Please let me know if you have any follow up questions.